Supply Chain Solutions

Inventory Review

IS3D have the experience to identify relevant opportunities of change in crew procedures that will reduce your inventory budget, service delivery times and supply chain staff.

Equipments solutions.

With over twenty five years creating inflight solutions, IS3D has long term supply relationships with the major manufactures and production companies of inflight service equipment. Through our expertise in service delivery, we will assist you in defining your equipment requirements that will realise your brand objectives with leading edge products and concepts, whilst providing cost management.

Our demonstrated supply chain solutions, have reduce for our clients, equipment replacement and unit pricing by up to 20 percent of their existing operational cost.

From equipment style, durability and technical specifications, our team will analyse the service, cost and customer benefits of products to ensure that your company has maximises its investment.

Storage and Handling Systems

IS3D storage and handling solutions team, comprising of experienced catering centre operations and restaurants design management, will review your current systems and specifications for a solution that will maximise efficiencies in labour minutes, handling and storage, resulting in overall cost benefits.

With our extensive experience in all aspects of food services, our solutions team will work in conjunction with your customer service team to design a service plan that will not only reflect cost efficiencies but also provide a delivery system that will enhance customer service excellence. 

Our demonstrated solution systems have provided cost beneficial results for major food service organisation's, combined with our innovative analysis system will provide a database to support your companies’ product selection.

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